The Missouri Eminent Domain Coalition (MEDAC) is a group of citizen activists fighting to defend the property rights of all Missourians. We support legislation and other efforts to ensure that the citizens of Missouri are safe from the abuse of eminent domain for private development and profit.

In July, 2005 the Institute for Justice in Washington D.C. invited seven people from Missouri to receive training in fighting eminent domain abuse. All seven had lost or were in danger of losing property to eminent domain. Those seven individuals agreed to form MEDAC to fight the abuse. In the months since then, the group has grown to include dozens of active members.

Our Goals

MEDAC seeks to ensure that the citizens of Missouri are safe from eminent domain abuse for private development and profit. MEDAC believes that eminent domain should only be employed for public use, where "public use" means owned and used by the public. Governments should never assign, transfer, or convey their eminent domain authority to any private entity.

MEDAC opposes the use of eminent domain to deal with "blight." Local governments have other tools available to deal with abandoned, neglected or hazardous properties.

MEDAC insists that "just compensation" must include the full costs of any seizure, which may be far greater than appraised value. It should include the cost to purchase comparable property, relocation expenses, legal fees, and compensation for the disruption of family life or business operations

Contact Us

Jim Roos, Pam Talley, Coordinators
2752 Lafayette
St. Louis Missouri 63104
Phone: 314-771-3509
Fax: 314-776-3703
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
(a closed yahoo group for interested participants; contact Jim Roos for membership information)

Other Important Contacts

Castle Coalition
created by the Institute for Justice
901 N. Glebe Road #900
Arvlington, Virginia 22203
Phone: 703-682-9320
Fax: 703-682-9321

St. Louis City Coalition to Fight Eminent Domain Abuse
Pam Talley, 314-535-6867
Gene Fowler, 314-385-4262

[email protected]
Claire Kramer