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Wrote about you guys in my blog:



People should read this.


Jim Roos says it well in his St. Louis Post-Dispatch comment: "People with the power to take your property eventually will abuse that power."

Speaking as someone actually fighting eminent domain in federal court with Houston-based Spectra Energy, I can confirm that the power of eminent domain in the hands of government — which is transferred to a business — creates a sense of entitlement; and it creates an atmosphere ripe for abuse.

One of our goals is to share information with fellow property owners who are involved in property rights issues. Our website has begun to draw inquiries from Massachusetts to Oklahoma and Texas from folks facing similar challenges.

For info, our site includes a landowner video to put a face on the property rights movement and blog postings:

Keep fighting in Missouri.

st clair county easement

this is a very informative article. It can be very easy for the government to take advantage of eminent domain.

Colon Cleanse

We seem to have hit the dead end as the three organs of the state are powerless to undo the damage.

Acai Berry

I can confirm that the power of eminent domain in the hands of government.


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